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A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Flanders Corporation
Air Filtration Systems for Industrial, Research and Military facilities that handle dangerous
or toxic biological, radiological or carcinogenic materials.

BG-Series Bag-In / Bag-Out Housing

  The BG-Series bag-in / bag-out housing is a side servicing filter housing designed to meet the air filtration needs of industries and research facilities that handleBg_ser.jpg (47990 bytes) dangerous or toxic biological, radiological or carcinogenic materials.

To minimize exposure to harmful contamination while replacing and handling dirty filters, the BG-Series housing incorporates a ribbed bagging ring behind the access door, over which a PVC bag is attached.

Once the initial filters are installed and the first bag attached, all filters, both dirty and new, are handled through the bag.

Depending on the userís requirements, the BG-Series housing may have an assortment of filter arrangements including prefilters, HEPA filters and carbon adsorbers.

 Regardless of the type of filters contained within the BG-Series housing, the filter change-out Bg1a.jpg (40884 bytes) procedure is the same. BG-Series housings are designed to accommodate standard gasketed HEPA filters and carbon adsorbers.

Manufactured under stringent quality assurance procedures, BG-Series housing are subjected to thorough inspections and leak tightness tests before leaving the factory, and are guaranteed to pass DOP and/or Freon in-place tests. This guarantee is contingent upon the use of properly installed Flanders HEPA filters and/or Flanders/CSC adsorbers.


A wide assortment of options are available for all housings.