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A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Flanders Corporation
Air Filtration Systems for Industrial, Research and Military facilities that handle dangerous
or toxic biological, radiological or carcinogenic materials.

G-Series Filter Housing

The Flanders/CSC G-Series housing is designed for the installation of a single HEPA filter or carbon adsorber, in low CFM ventilation systems. Air is supplied to and exhausted from the G-Series housing through round inlets and outlets that are connected to the owners pipe or ducting.

There is no specific diameter for the inlet and outlet connections on the G-Series housing, since requirements vary considerably. The purchaser or system designer can simply specify the required pipe (or tubing) sizes and lengths. The G-Series inlet and outlet connections can be a standard rolled stainless steel sheet metal nipple or optional stainless steel piping.

The housing can be installed for side access, but Flanders/CSC does not recommend that the unit be supported by the inlet or outlet connections. Instead, a mounting frame or some other means of support should be used.

Depending on the userís requirements, the G-Series housing may have a HEPA filter or carbon adsorber. The G1F-Series housings are designed to accommodate a standard gel seal HEPA filter or carbon adsorber. The G1G-Series housings are designed to accommodate a standard gasket seal HEPA filter or carbon adsorber.

Manufactured under stringent quality assurance procedures, G-Series housing are subjected to thorough inspections and leak tightness tests before leaving the factory, and are guaranteed to
pass DOP and/or Freon in-place tests. This guarantee is contingent upon the use of properly installed Flanders HEPA filters and/or Flanders/CSC adsorbers.


Flanders/CSC has designed special high pressure G-Series housings capable of pressures up to 15 psi positive or 14.7 psi negative